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The Art of Choosing and Serving Wine

Ready For Work: The Art of Choosing and Serving Wine

  • 1st session: The Warehouse on 29 July, 2016.
  • 2nd session: ERC Main Campus on 2 August, 2016.  

It was a great opportunity for ERC students to have training sessions with Mr. Jean-Bernard Baudron, Training and Development Manager of The Warehouse Merchants Indochina to enrich their F&B skills. 

Topics of both sessions included: an overview of The Warehouse and wine in general, wine label reading, warehousing, differences between red wine and sparkling wine, popular grape varieties and how to introduce wine to customers. 

Students were impressed by the various types of wine, from white wine to red wine, from light, dry taste to full bodied and sweet taste. Especially, students had an opportunity to taste wine and learn the professional way to open wine bottle.   
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