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Broker and Space Development Executive



This position will lead, manage and create partnership with independent brokers. The successful applicant will show a demonstrated ability to maintain a strong group of brokers or agents to achieve the company objectives included duties are to assess, modify and/or set up systems to increase efficiency of office operations to best support the agents and their clients.


  • Review of all transaction deals with support from the designated broker/owner.
  • Work with agents to achieve sales target, provide general guidance and support as needed.
  • Establish strong connection with real estate agents and brokers to generate a list of real estate options.
  • Create a real estate development strategy for each market within the assigned territory based on traffic and retail patterns, demographic trends, socio-economic behaviour, competitive landscape, etc.
  • Analyse real estate opportunities, formulate strategy, and execute plan.
  • Manage multiple real estate projects and deal efficiently within critical deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Source off and on market deals and analyse best fit opportunities for F’enhance.
  • Conduct proper research, direction, cost controls, and negotiations for all new locations and lease renewals.
  • Establish strong negotiating positions and relationships with developers and other outside resources and contractors to secure the objectives and goals of F’enhance expansion.
  • Develop and implement market strategy, create economic guidelines to ensure all deals are achieved within most favourable terms for F’enhance and renew leases in a timely fashion at the most favourable terms.
  • Assert strong negotiation position with attorneys and developers to secure fair terms on new leases and amendments.
  • Justify all decisions with financial analyses and other supportive documentation.
  • Coordinate lease management process including but not limited to lease analyses, reports, lease rental expenses.
  • Assist in lease negotiation process to ensure all business terms are incorporated in leases, as well as all protective lease clauses to benefit the company.
  • Travelled as needed for sourcing, market research, meetings, closing, etc.
  • Perform all other tasks as assigned.


  • Excellent people management skills with demonstrated ability to heighten individual and team performance
  • At least 1 years of experience as a real estate broker
  • Ability to manage and lead others
  • Organized and detail oriented Initiative and self-discipline
  • Wide network with brokers, landlords and real estate agents.


In order to apply for an internship opportunity, please contact hieupham@erci.edu.vn for detailed information.

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