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Living and travelling in Vietnam

Living and travelling in Vietnam

1. Vietnam Facts:
  • Capital: Hanoi, located in the north (7 million)
  • Largest City: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), located in the south (9 million)
  • Population: 89 million
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Currency: Dong
  • Ethnicity: 54 different ethnic groups, The Viet account for 87 %.
  • Climate: Tropical climate, cooler in the north, hotter in the south.


2. Weather


    3. Travelling:

    • You have many options for travelling around Vietnam. The easiest option is by airplane, since there are many cheap commercial flights to most cities.
    • If you are on a budget travelling by bus is the cheapest option, but also the most time consuming.
    • For someone who wants to see a bit of the countryside in a comfortable manner, the train is a great option.
    • Hiring a car with a driver allows you to personalize your journey.
    • There is also the option of renting a motorbike and driving around the country yourself. But please be aware of the dangers of the traffic and the risk of being arrested if you are driving without a valid Vietnamese driving license.
    • Finally it is possible to book many different bicycle tours, exploring the beautiful nature of the main roads.

     4. Things to do: 

    • Visit some of the beautiful beaches and islands that are scattered around the whole of Vietnam.
    • Enjoy a boat trip to the beautiful Mekong Delta.
    • Visit an eco-farm and learn about sustainable and socially responsible business practices.
    • Volunteer in an organic coffee plantation.
    • Experience the amazing Sapa rice fields and mountains.
    • Climb the highest mountain in South-East Asia, Mt. Fansipan and enjoy the view from the ”Roof of Indo-Chine”.
    • Dive into to the crystal clear sea and discover the hidden world beneath.
    • See the breathtaking Halong Bay and the Kissing Rocks, categorized a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.
    • Take a cooking class to learn how to make your favorite Vietnamese dishes.
    • Visit Hoi An and discover the old town, and get high-quality but low price suits and dresses made from one of the many tailors.
    • Enjoy amazing street food and cheap beer on small plastic stools with the local Vietnamese.
    • Discover the hidden and artistic coffee shops found all over Vietnam.
    • Have a fantastic view of Ho Chi Minh City while enjoying a cocktail at one of the many rooftop cocktail bars in the city.
    • Join and challenge your new found Vietnamese friends for a karaoke session.

    5. Food in Vietnam

    The food in Vietnam is as diverse as its’ people. From fresh noodle soups, spring rolls and salads, to crispy baguettes and intensively flavourful rice dishes, the food culture in Vietnam is highly diverse. It represents the unique history of the country, with cultural influences from not only the Viet people but also the French, Cambodian and Chinese.

    In Vietnam the food always feels very refreshing due to the large amount of fresh herbs, salads and dipping sauces that accompany all dishes. Everyone is able to personalize each dish, making it suit their own taste, whether it be to make it spicier, sweeter or more bitter. The food in general is not spicy, particularly in the south where sweeter flavours usually are more common.
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