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Study abroad at ERC International

Study abroad at ERC International

Studying abroad is an opportunity to travel and see the world, as well as improving your educational level. At ERC you will receive education at the same level as at Greenwich University in the UK, but with the added bonus of being able to experience a completely different culture. You will be introduced to new perspectives, different ways of understanding and communication and gain valuable insights into one of the biggest emerging markets in South-East Asia. You will expand your network into a new region of the world, improving your career opportunities after graduation. At ERC 97 % of all our students receive jobs after finishing their degree, and we are dedicated to help our students in every way possible.

Studying abroad in Vietnam will also add to your personal development and life experience, expanding your horizon, help you discover new interests and learn a more adventurous side of yourself.


Finally, with the reduced living costs in Vietnam, you will have the possibility to explore more of Vietnam and the surrounding countries, while maintaining a high standard of living.

Join our other international students and come experience Vietnam and ERC for yourself!



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