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E-commerce Makes It Simple - Ticketbox Story

On Monday, 30 May, ERC’s E-commerce class welcomed a special guest to their classroom, Mr. Clyds Pascual, Chief Marketing Officer at Ticketbox. With experience in the e-commerce industry and as a founder of an e-commerce start-up, he delivered a lot of insightful information and useful advice about how to start a business and how to overcome challenges and take opportunities.

He specifically shared about Ticketbox’s business model, revenue model, and supply chain/operation issues. What’s more, students were also inspired by the career path and job/internship opportunities at his company. 

Thank you Mr. Clyds Pascual for an insightful and exciting session. ERC students in E-commerce class were really inspired by your entrepreneurial spirit. ERC looks forward to our continued collaboration. 
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